"Mathilde C reinvents what has marked the history of fashion."

Our Story

Passionate about comedy and emotion, the creator Mathilde Criqui, originally from France and Italy, graduated from the great theatre school, Cours Florent, located in Paris. Mathilde has always been driven by the artistic flair and instinctive ambition for fashion that motivated her and pushed her to get started. From a very young age, she grew up in a family working in the Italian textile industry.

Following her many travels, which have allowed her to travel the world, particularly to fashion capitals such as London, Milan, New York and Paris (the French emblem of haute couture), she decided to create her own collections. Thus, she created Mathilde C in August 2016.

When she lived in Casablanca, Mathilde was fascinated by the traditional and true know-how of Moroccan craftspeople. It is this vision that she seeks to trace and evoke in the manufacture of each of her models.

Her “retro chic” style reflects the 1970s, which marked the entire history of fashion through the emancipation of women and recklessness. Inspired by icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Jackie Kennedy, but also by famous French houses such as Courreges, Hermès and Givenchy, Mathilde aspires to tackle this provocative and uncomplicated image of the woman who is both sophisticated and elegant. She demonstrates this both in the shape of her bags and in the materials chosen. The story of Hermès’ Birkin bag perfectly embodies Mathilde C’s desired philosophy and concept. She talks about Jane Birkin who met Jean-Louis Dumasen on a plane in 1981, president of the Hermès company, who created the “imagine and draw” bag considered ideal by Jane, a young mother, because she could not find a practical and elegant bag at the same time. It is from all these elements that the woman Mathilde C draws inspiration from, who is self-assured, chic, with a bag that is easy to wear and essential for everyday life!

Fashion is much more than just a piece of clothing or an accessory, fashion is a whole story, an experience, a beautiful non-verbal and artistic expression of each of us.

Mathilde C wants to share her passion for fashion, and more particularly for leather goods, while allowing every woman to tell their personality through all her different bag collections. With a chic, refined and avant-garde design, Mathilde C reflects the perfect alliance between France and Italy in a single bag!

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